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Know your equipment

Why Centrifugal Compressors?

Centrifugal compressors represent the most recent technology with higher efficiency as a result of:

- Fewer rubbing parts

- Oil, vibration and pulsation-free process

- Compact installation

- All result in less wear and cost effective production

Centrifugal Compressors for:


-Air separation


-Carbon monoxide


-Food and beverage

-Industrial gases

-Instrumentation air

-Liquefied Natural Gas


-Natural gas gathering

-Nitrogen boosting

-Oil and gas

-Petrochemical refineries

-Power generation

-Snow making



-Textiles and clothing

The full line of Cameron Compressor products:

Plant air lines

-Turbo Air 2000

-Turbo Air Cooled 2000

-Turbo Air 2020

-Turbo Air 3000

-Turbo Air 6000

-Turbo Air 9000

 Engineered air / process gas lines

-Engineered Air/MSG

-MSG Alpha

-Turbo Air 11000

-Turbo Air 20000 

Air treatment and accessories

-Air dryers

-Maestro controls

-Maestro DriController

-TurboBlend lubricants

-Upgrades / Reliadrain

-Inlet guide vanes

-CCVM-16 vibration monitor


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